Cookie usage / policy

We love cookies, don't you? Chocolate chip, cranberry! We also love browser cookies just as much.

This page is here to tell you all about cookies we use. A few years back some people in the EU decided that websites needed to list what cookies are used and what they do. The regulation must have been decided by people that don't really understand website development and the importance of cookies. So here are the details.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track stats and usage. Google may or may not use Cookies. Please referrer to their terms of service for further information.


This cookie is used to remember who you are as you move from page to page within our site. It reduces the load on the server which lowers carbon emissions as a result of reduced power consumption. You can delete it if you wish but it will be written again on the next page load. It will delete itself from your computer when you exit your browser.

We hope you feel well informed after reading this page? Kind of pointless really. You will have wasted your time reading this and it's unlikely to have changed your mind about using our site or services. We have already wasted time, bandwidth, and disk space offering the advice. The only real winners are the mobile phone networks who provide you with limited data access per month. Just think of all that wasted data every day as a result of a ridiculous EU ruling.